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Check out the first tattooed centerfold in Hustler. The April 2011 issue, be sure and check out the July 2011 issue to see Brian Johnson's photography.


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Chris Garver did a full backpiece on Brian back in 1994!

About Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson can be reached for appointments or walk-ins: Brian Johnson Tattoos | (610) 593-5405 1016 Gap Newport Pike, Cochranville PA 19330 | (610) 593-5405

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Brian Johnson, American tattoo artist and co-author of Street Shop Tattoo Stencils, was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
He is a Scorpio who tattoos at Electric Monkey Tattoo studio in Cochranville, PA, with his business partner, Tracy Davis. Chris Alexander is the co-Author of Street Shop Tattoo Stencils (and a douchebag).

Brian's work has appeared in Skin & Ink magazine, SkinArt, Tattoos for Men, International Tattoo Art, Savage, Tattoo, Tabu and Outlaw Bikers Tattoo Review magazines. He has worked for some of the best tattoo artists in the world including J.D. Crowe at Ancient Art Tattoo Studio in Virginia Beach, Joshua Carlton's G.A.T Co in Kingsport, Tennessee, and, while an apprentice, for Ernie Carafa of Tattoo City. Brian Johnson has been a tattoo artist since 1989, full time artist since 1992.

The long list of incredible tattoo artists that have worked alongside Brian are: Jessee Smith, Jason Stephan, Ernie Carafa, J.D. Crowe, Tony Olivas, Coyote, Paul "Ink" McCleary, Dwayne "D-dog" Bass, Steve Bradley, Kyle Cotterman, Megan Massacre, Dank of Dankbuiltmachine, Scotty Hawkins, Ina, Frankie A.K.A Spanish, Rod Graybill, Justin Page, Chris Garcia, Marco Hyder, Tracy Glisson, Bobat Pro-ink, Chris Alexander, Dan Hanselman, Bryan Campbell, Sean Young, Sean McClure, Monk, Rahji, Chad VanAuken, Barbara from New York, Chris Frasier, Mike Mitchell, Geras Victoramos and his brother, Zach Gallegos, "little" Mike at Inkworld, Art and Steve Godoy (thanks for my first tattoo in 1987), Jason Dymond, John Black, Chris Haas, Skip, Dave Lukeson, Timothy Kusack, Doug at New Castle Ink in Delaware, Brian A. Garber, Dixon Keller, Stephanie Johnson, and Zeke Owens. Brian Johnson