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"Hey I am Brittany from Modena, I am Electric Monkey Tattoo's Client/Customer of the Month - March, 2014. I love Rappers, the Phillies, 76'ers, and ponies, fast cars and smok'n ciggs. I also love my mom and Justin Beiber. I really love sunsets and Ren & Stimpy. I love Brian's tattoo shop" - Brittany

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We are an award-winning shop - Electric Monkey Tattoo Studio in Cochranville, PA.
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Posted by Brian on 2013-05-30 19:26:12 EST

HEY FOLKS! - Brian Johnson here! WE ARE BACK - new web guy Josh - changing this site, adding all kinds of goodies! New art, tattoos, piercing photos, lazering photos, girls, news, shop news and gossip, shop specials, guest artists, and lil' Sophia news - my new daughter! Keep checking the site for new stuff -- shopping cart and PayPal soon, you can buy my books, tees, coffee mugs, hats and other cool merch.! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Tattooingkit.com is gone, NewAmericanPinUp.com is down for the time being, we need to add new models and new content, plus a T.V. show might film us at Electric Monkey Tattoo Studio and I do not want to offend them. Lol. Current Electric Monkey staff; BRIAN JOHNSON - tattooer & owner/Tracy the Piercer/Austin is Lazer Tech. NO MORE MIKE - he burned so many customers for gift certificates, some were $400.00, what a f*cking scumbag! So, I NEED A NEW TATTOOER or APPRENTICE! Call; 1(610) 593-5405 or bring your portfolio to; 1016b Gap Newport pike in Cochranville, PA 19330 - open 7 days a week, NOON to NINE! No drama queens, druggies, or artists who STEAL! (like Mike) If you want to apprentice; cost is $3400.00 at this time/half when you start. (No refunds.) THURSDAY IS; $20.00 day -- small cute "girlie" tattoos or a five letter name in script. (Nothing else, don't ask.) Portraits done by appointment only - by Brian Johnson. Walk-Ins daily, appointments taken with a non-refundable $20.00 deposit - this can be done over the phone, 1(610) 593-5405 / Brian Johnson is an award-winning tattooer, and author of three tattoo-related books available at Barnes and Noble booksellers. He has tattooed for 24 years - in this area and in Virginia Beach (ten years), he specializes in black & grey, portraits, lettering, and wicked cool skulls. STOP IN TODAY - or call for an APPOINTMENT! BaBaBoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooey!

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Sophia and BrianLil' Sophia

Charlie Sheen, Supported 100% Ed Hardy Tampons

Brian with Ed Hardy
Here is Brian Johnson with Ed Hardy - the "Ed Hardy" you see, that has all that merchandise everywhere you go folks! I was chilling with good ole' Ed back in 1993 in Chicago, before Paris Hilton ever thought of wearing an Ed Hardy hat. (or blowing guys in videos)

Kidney Joker Tattoo Brian with Bam Margera
A Positive Blood Type - call;
1(610) 593-5405 if you are 100% serious! HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(he could die)
Brian has over 20 years experience tattooing all over the United States.
See a few examples...
Brian takes a break from tattooing once and a while, like here as he snaps a photo with
Bam Margera
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